Vintage Schwinn Bicycles

by Antique Bicycle Enthusiast

Vintage Schwinn Bicycles are hobbyists selection for several factors such as the fact that one located in really good shape can be extremely useful. The Schwinn brand joins truth among the fantastic classics of American bicycle history. Ignaz Schwinn set up the business in 1895 and it rapidly grew to become the primary American bicycle […]


Schwinn Tricycles the easy low rider built for kids built for safety. The Schwinn Bicycle company has been making bicycles and tricycles for over a hundred years and their name is definitely synonymous with quality. Literally, Schwinn has been crafting quality bicycles for decades and Schwinn Tricycles have always been favored among the parents of […]

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Classic Bicycles and Vintage bicycles are not always one and the same however people tend to group them all as the same type of bicycle. I hope to help you distinguish the difference between the two as well as offering some very interesting facts about the history of classic bicycles. Also at the bottom of […]


Victorian Bicycle a rare collector item for those hardcore antique bicycle enthusiasts. Collecting antique and vintage bikes can become much more than just a hobby. If you are a serious bicycle enthusiast then you would know getting your hands on a Victorian Bicycle would be a real treasure and the better condition it is in […]


Vintage Tricycle and Vintage Bicycles have become a very popular collector’s item but unless you know what to look for it is very easy to purchase a Vintage Tricycle only to find out after the fact that it is not an actual Vintage Bike. What confuses most vintage bike collectors is the difference between being […]


Micargi Beach Cruiser is one of the leading beach cruiser bikes on the market these days and for good reason. The Micargi Beach Cruiser bikes first started being manufactured about ten years ago and theĀ  Micargi Beach Cruiser name became synonymous with top quality bikes right from the start. Micargi Beach Cruiser Bicycles are built […]


Schwinn Cruiser Bikes and Schwinn Beach Cruiser Bikes are among the most sought after vintage and antique bicycles. The Schwinn Cruiser to this day is still one of the most popular bikes on the market. Just like any other quality product branding is everything and one thing for sure is that the Schwinn name just […]


Beach Cruiser Bicycle is one of the 1950s icons. The styles of the beach cruiser bikes differ greatly from maker to maker. Beach Cruiser Bicycles come in many different models and price ranges for all types of riders. Locating an Antique Beach Cruiser Bicycle in good condition can be a challenge as these Vintage Beach […]