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Hi, my name is Eric I’m 43 yrs old and first and foremost I am a loving Husband and Father, and I have what most would consider an odd hobby collecting old bikes, Antique Bicycles, Vintage Bicycles, Low Riders, Beach Cruisers and more.

I am a long time collector of old bikes, vintage bikes and any other type of antique style bicycle and I have turned my hobby into a sizable and profitable business. I have heard it said that if you have a real passion for something there will be some way that you can turn your passion into a business and that is what I have done with my odd hobby.

I began when I was just a kid, I would collect tossed out old bike parts from peoples garbage on curb day. I had first pickings if you like being that I had a paper route and I had to deliver all the papers by 6:00 am.

I started out collecting the tossed out bike parts and I would then reassemble the pieces into working bikes which I then sold to other kids in the neighborhood.

Well that was the start of what became a sizable business for me now buying and selling antique bicycles and vintage bicycles from around the world. Who would have guessed?

Throughout this site you will find some interesting facts about antique bicycles and vintage bicycles as well as a massive selection of old bikes of all styles. You will find some of the best deals through the exclusive listings you will find on this site because in most cases people have no idea of the value of what they are selling.

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