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Antique Bicycles, Vintage Bicycles, Beach Cruiser, Low Rider Bikes, Schwinn Cruiser, Classic Bikes and so much more! This website is a showcase of antique and vintage bikes a general mix of old bikes and classic bikes with their different styles and functionality and their value.

On each page of this site you can read about the history of different makes and models of bicycles from their first inception in history to the present day bicycle and beneath each post you will find a vast selection of the type of bike you just read about in the article.

Antique Bicycle

Collector’s Antique Bicycle

So if you are a bike enthusiast this site will suit your needs very well. The massive selection of exclusive listings of Antique Bicycles brings together a large variety to choose from.

The deals you will find on this site are priceless, so please take your time and if you need any help don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on this site. Happy Antique and Vintage Bicycle Shopping!

Collectors that appreciate the heritage and history that accompanies the old bikes of yesteryear will truly appreciate this website and its collection of Antique Bicycles.

Cycling has had a popular following for many more years than the motor vehicle, and today there is a healthy interest in Antique Bicycles, Vintage bikes and classic bicycles of all shapes, sizes and models.

Cycling is economical, healthy and an ecologically sound mode of travel. Most of all it is quite fun and makes for a nice family activity!

Throughout this website you will learn more about the evolution of different bicycle models including the Schwinn Cruiser, Beach Cruiser, the tandem bicycle, Victorian Bicycle, the low rider bicycle and many more Antique Bicycles and Classic bicycles.

Antique Bicycles And Vintage Bicycles A Part of Our Heritage And Tradition!

Antique bicycles are popularly bought and sold in the international market as valuable collectibles.

Antique Cruiser Bicycle

Antique Bicycles

Antique and Vintage bicycle models are those bicycles from nineteenth and early twenty centuries.

Bicycles have long since been a large part of our culture as they were champions then in the past.

Only now, what some may refer to as just old bikes are well-known by collectors as Antique Bicycles and Vintage Bicycles and they are part of our biography.

An Antique Bicycle generally has wooden rims that may or may not be covered with steel cladding.

Collectors tend to refer to old bikes as classic bicycles, Antique Bicycles or Vintage Bicycles interchangeably.

Vintage bicycles are different than Antique Bicycles and Classic bikes. Vintage typically means more than thirty years old.

The classic bicycles have aesthetically appealing design, great functionality to boot and are objects of timeless appeal. Models like the Schwinn Cruiser and Beach Cruiser are being sold as reproductions in bike shops across the country.

Schwinn Beach Cruiser and The Beach Cruiser Style The Most Popular of Old Bikes.

Some bicycles used in the past were thrown into storage and preserved for years only to appear in today’s market as valuable collector items.

Unfortunately with many people having never realized their true value many others went to the scrap yard.

Decades later, those with an interest in cycling and history are seeking out antique bikes, collecting many varieties.

Antique Bicycles and Vintage Bicycles such as the always popular Beach Cruiser and Schwinn Cruiser can carry a hefty prices tag but of course that depends upon things such as age, condition, make or model and features. However this is no denying that there is some good money to be made when dealing with old bikes as most would refer to them as.

A few types of antique bicycles are the vintage tricycles, tandems and early safety bikes–chain-driven bicycles with two wheels of similar size that were the advent of the bicycle we know today.

Within the last several years beach cruiser bicycles have made an enormous come back as the bicycle of preference.

The increased cost of motoring has led to the use of the tandem bicycle in many areas throughout the country and the United Kingdom.

Our website is a must stop for those interested in preserving the heritage and history by collecting and restoring antique and vintage bicycles.

Finding The Value In Antique Bicycles, Vintage Bicycles, Beach Cruiser, The Schwinn Cruiser And More Old Bikes.

Antique bicycles can be recycled by restoring them and then eventually keeping the history alive. What makes this website the perfect place to purchase Antique Bicycles, Vintage Bicycles the Beach Cruiser or Schwinn Cruiser is that the exclusive listings we have brought together offers real opportunities to purchase these bikes for a fraction of their real value.

A good portion of the bikes listed on this site are from people who may be cleaning out an old barn, garage or attic and they have no idea of the real value that these old bikes carry.

Back in the early 1930’s the Beach Cruiser Bikes were very popular and the Schwinn Cruiser in general was probably the most popular of all the bicycles sold back then.

Well a lot of these Antique Bicycles are still just lying around collecting dust and in many cases the owners think of them as junk and just toss them to the curb on garbage day.

Then what happens is some neighborhood kids will come around and grab the old bikes, fix them up and sell them off to their buddy’s in the neighborhood still having no idea of their true value.

How do I know this is the case? Well because that is exactly what I did as a kid and it is what spark my new hobby of collecting and refurbishing these Antique Bicycles, Vintage Bicycles, the Beach Cruiser Bikes and one of my favorite the Schwinn Cruiser.

Throughout our website you will learn more about the history of the bicycle and the value in the collecting of Antique Bicycles and Vintage bicycles.

The collection of old bikes is a very rare hobby indeed yet it can be extremely fun and rewarding to cultivate such a hobby. At least three or four days a week my neighbors will see my wife and I cruising the neighborhood on our two refurbished and treasured Schwinn Cruiser Bikes or one of our many Antique Bicycles.

Collecting Antique and Vintage Bicycles is an enjoyable hobby, and for many it can be a lucrative business as well. If you are an avid collector of old bikes then you will just love this site and the opportunities that arise on a daily basis.

However, if you are just getting started this website will teach you the things you need to know to become a successful collector of old bikes, Vintage Bicycles, the Beach Cruiser, the Schwinn Beach Cruiser and many other types of Classic Bikes and Antique Bicycles.

There are some excellent informative sites where you can learn even more about the collecting of Antique Bicycles.